About Us

Somnath Sengupta is the President of Powerhouse Consulting Group, LLC. We help to build your organization’s capacity by identifying strategic alliances and funding sources appropriate for you. We will work with you through the entire customer discovery process and proposal writing phase to win the work.

Powerhouse provides expertise in job creation through technology commercialization, new business capture planning, and marketing services for universities, small and large businesses, and government laboratories. As needed, we will assemble highly focused teams of world-class experts in the areas of electronic materials, chemical sensors, data analytics, RF/microwave, and solid state lasers and support for all aspects of planning, design, analysis and validation, engineering, procurement, and implementation.

Dr. Sengupta has been successful in technology transfer from federal laboratory to the commercial market by co-founding a small business that was acquired by Blackberry ®.

At the heart of our work is job creation through entrepreneurship.

Please contact us to discuss solutions for your business.

Somnath Sengupta, PhD


Powerhouse Consulting Group, LLC

3210 Boones Lane, Ellicott City, MD 21042

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E-mail: somnath@powerhouseconsultinggroup.com