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Client Comments

Somnath has an extraordinary ability to communicate complex engineering and science concepts to the non-technical community. I have observed his exceptional people skills and his passion for excellence as a professional engineer and as a champion and teacher of autistic young people. Whether bringing light and clarity to a complex technical application or to the infinitely more complex human mind, Somnath always strives to leave the space a better place than he found it.
David Franz, PhD, COL (Retd.)
SBD Global
Dr. Sengupta and I have been business associates for more than five years. I met Somnath while I was the Director of a Task Force at the Pentagon and continued our relationship while I worked advanced technologies for the Commander at the US Air Forces Air Combat Command Headquarters. . During that time together we have been very successful in developing new business areas for the Air Force. These business areas are critical to our Air Force men and women by providing them the ability to do their jobs and return safely to their loved ones. Inherently these new business areas for the Air Force are in advanced science and technology. Although Somnath is the brilliance behind these technologies, he is also able to effectively articulate these complex matters to all customers, from the low level staffers to the Four-Star generals. His communication skills are excellent.
David Robie, Phd, COL (Retd.)
Advanced Programs at General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems
Somnath and I worked together on numerous client visits to joint and service military organizations supporting work on a highly technical piece of technology. His strengths were: always coming to the table with an explanation that connected science with operational requirements; in-depth and tailored preparation for the particular client; and the willingness to listen carefully both to specific questions and broader discussions about emerging opportunities. Great insight and “bedside manner” as well as super technical skill and understanding.
General (Ret) Ron Keys
RK Solution Enterprises, LLC